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Bryson's First Pitch

Bryson’s First Pitch: Resorting To Imagination

Bryson’s First Pitch July 2020: The sports dimmer switch is dialed all the way up. Just when we thought...

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NorCal Football Predictions, Folsom

Early NorCal Football Predictions | Staff Stabs: Steven Wilson

As We All Nervously Await December, SportStars Is Using Each Thursday Of October To Reveal The Early NorCal Football...

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Chris Toler, St. Mary's, Fires

Chris Toler: Heat Check | Hoops Coach, Fire Captain’s Long Summer

Perspective Has A Way Of Changing With The Season For St. Mary’s-Berkeley Girls Basketball Coach Chris Toler, A Contra...

Elk Grove Baseball, Dylan Carlson, MLB

Elk Grove Baseball | EGHS Alums Lead Region’s Growing MLB Footprint

Dylan Carlson’s MLB Debut Continues A Wave Of Elk Grove Baseball And Sacramento Region Talent Reaching The Bigs •...

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High School Sports Articles

Lindsay Berg, Touch, Volleyball, Tips

Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Drills to Improve “Touch”

Hi y’all. Last blog I talked about keys to accurate setting, using what I call the “W” hand positioning....

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Cal-Hi Sports
Clayton Valley, Football, CIF, Mark Tennis

Mark Tennis: CIF, Sections, Districts Face Tough Decisions In Turbulent Times

In A Notes-Style Column, Cal-Hi Sports’ Editor Writes On The CIF Facing Tough Calls On Fall Sports, And Looks...

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